We’re entering the home stretch before the Uni meets the public on Sunday.

Tonight, I was outside in the MIT yard late in the evening. Everyone else was inside working on the machines—staff from HY Architecture, and Alex and Constanza from MIT. They are absolutely driven to get us to New York on time.

In the yard, the wind picked up suddenly and the temperature dropped, as if Fall arrived right then and there. After four days straight of rain, the sky was clear, and the moon appeared from under fast moving clouds.

I went over and pulled back the tarp on the Uni, and I had an experience that I think some will understand. The white structure—familiar, strange, undulating—felt utterly alive, like an eager dog anticipating a walk after being cooped up all day.

I don’t know where exactly where we’re headed on this walk, but I’m going to wrap the leash twice around my wrist. The Uni is ready to go.

Before we leave Cambridge for the rush of Manhattan, I want to salute David Costanza, Alexander William Marshall, Meejin Yoon, Eric Höweler, and also Cyrus Dochow, Parker Lee, and Thena Tak of HY Architecture. You inspire me with your brilliance and your dedication. We want the Uni to feel effortless when kids are reaching for books on a shelf. But I know, and will always remember, your effort and determination to bring the Uni to life.