The Uni will go to East New York on Saturday, July 21 (new date: July 28) to support East New York Farms!, a group that hosts a farmers’ market here on Schenck Ave between New Lots and Livonia:

(That’s the 3 train on the elevated track above.)


We’ve said it before: in locating the Uni, we look for neighborhoods actively seeking to improve public space. And we look for street-level locations where people already gather. With that in mind, this corner of East New York has it all.

East New York has a strong tradition of reclaiming abandoned lots for positive community use. East New York Farms! has been doing urban farming here since 1998, and their parent organization, United Community Centers, has been active for over 50 years. And the farmer’s market they created is a perfect way for neighbors to meet face-to-face on the weekend. We’re excited and honored to be working in East New York, and here are some photos from our site visit yesterday:

At the market, you’ll find vegetables that reflect the cultures of East New Yorkers: Peppers, Callaloo, Bitter Melon. You’ll find produce sold by the kids who help grow it right here.

Janelle Nicol of East New York Farms! gave us a tour of the farm, which includes bees…

..and a rainwater collection system from adjacent buildings. And serious compost.

Janelle donated a terrific community cookbook to the Uni collection.


Across the street is a BPL branch. Uni Librarians take note: patrons speak English, Spanish, Russian, and Bengali.

See you on July 21, 2012. Visit East New York Farms! to see full market schedule.