July 29, 2012

August 26, 2012.

It just keeps getting better. A few weeks ago, the Uni went solo to Corona Plaza, and we squeezed a reading room onto a narrow strip of sidewalk alongside traffic and parked trucks. This Sunday, we had room to spread our wings because the pedestrianization of the plaza is underway thanks to NYC DOT. And this time, we had new friends led by the Queens Museum of Art and the Queens Economic Development Council who are on a mission to fill a former parking area with arts, culture, and community-oriented activity. We love Corona—it’s a great place to show what can be done with books and learning once cars are removed from the picture. Thank you to Uni Librarians Stephanie Yee and Anna Robinson, and installer Nelson DeJesus. Thank you to our hosts, especially José Serrano at the Queens Museum. Here’s a look:

Uni Volunteer Stephanie Yee dives right in with our first patron.

This resourceful mother gave Leslie an idea about how to solve the sun/heat issue for our patrons…

The local shops surrounding Corona Plaza are now completely sold out of $3.99 bamboo parasols. They are all in the Uni now. Light, quicker, cheaper. And pretty.

For the second time, the Uni teamed up with the venerable Queens Library—they pitched a tent right next door.

Mobile books and learning. Mobile helado. She rolled right up to us. Nice umbrella.

I recognize that volume—she’s reading a mini book about the Kings and Queens of England.

Alejandro Bruzzese stopped by and donated an outstanding collection of cartoon/graphic novels. He’s also got a great idea for creating cube covers that attract readers and pop open to reveal the books inside. We held a meeting (and I held the umbrella.) Thanks for coming down Ale!

Our last patron of the day stayed even after the books had been pulled. We held the truck for 10 minutes so she could finish up. Priorities. That’s why we’re in this “business.”

Thank you Nelson DeJesus, outstanding installer. We shaved precious minutes off load time. Getting better every time.

That concludes our Summer 2012 schedule. Great things planned for this Fall. Stay tuned and thanks for supporting the Uni.

Update—here’s a short video from Street Films about today’s event: