The New York Hall of Science has donated a mini-collection of science-related books to fill one of our cubes! This gives the Uni a new tool to get people on the street thinking about science. One of our favorite titles is the oversize book “Actual Size,” which doesn’t just tell you how big a gorilla hand or a giant squid eye can be, it shows you. Thank you to the NY Hall of Science for donating these books and for the work it does in Queens—we’re proud to be taking NYSCI with us as we move around the city.

And special thanks to NY Hall of Science Librarian Rebecca Reitz, who not only chose perfect titles for our browsable collection but also took the time to cover them in protective sleeves so they’ll last for years to come. You librarians out there really “get” the Uni, and we love that!

NY Hall of Science Librarian Rebecca Reitz!