Last week, we were discussing how to bring a taste of museums into the Uni, cube by cube. Well, this week, flip that, we’re bringing a little Uni into the museum.

logo_QMAThe Uni is now on display in the Queens Museum of Art. We’ve deployed a mini-tower and benches as part of the exhibit Arte Útil Lab, giving a sample of what we offer on the street. Museum visitors are encouraged to sit down, browse the books, and read right there in the gallery. (See a fun time lapse of the gallery load-in and more photos.)

We’re honored to be partnering once again with QMA, our host at Corona Plaza in 2012. We’re also excited to experiment with the education department at QMA while the Uni is in house, for example, allowing teen docents to maintain and re-arrange the cubes just like our Uni librarians do in the field.

And don’t worry, QMA will allow us to remove the Uni from time to time—deploying directly from the gallery to the street—so we’ll see you outside just as soon as the weather allows.

Uni in Queens Museum of Art