NYC Parks

We’re proud to announce a new partnership between the Uni Project and NYC Parks Department that will bring pop-up reading rooms to priority parks identified in the Mayor’s Community Parks Initiative addressing equity in the city. Thanks to support from Leaves of Grass Fund, this initiative will help envision a broader role for parks in making people healthier, neighborhoods more livable, and communities stronger.

New York City has one of the largest urban parks systems in the U.S. Parks take up nearly 14% of the city’s land, providing critical open space for residents. New urban parks initiatives around the country are raising awareness about the potential for parks to do even more, by bringing people together and bridging divides.

We’ll be sharing photos and stories of our impact in NYC Parks right here, all summer. See our 2015 schedule here.

A map of from NYC Parks showing planned improvements to community parks.

A map of from NYC Parks showing improvements planned under the Mayor’s Community Parks Initiative.


Boys reading their own poetry in the Uni Reading Room at Washington Square Park in 2014.