In May 2015, the Uni Project put out a call for applications for a new Artist Residency Program, giving student artists a chance to explore the city’s neighborhoods and create site-specific work in conjunction with our new DRAW NYC program. Eligibility was limited to local student visual artists enrolled in degree-seeking programs. Two outstanding artists were selected, and each will receive a stipend and basic materials in exchange for working at the Uni as we move about NYC this summer. Come meet them on the street!

Susan Coyne is completing her Masters in Illustration MFA program at the School for Visual Arts. Location-based drawing has become a daily practice for her, and she prizes the unexpected interactions it makes possible. Her practice principally involves figurative work, and she loves translating the human stories she encounters into narrative form. She is currently working on a book which profiles four New York immigrants.

Genevieve Irwin will begin a Masters in Illustration MFA program at the School for Visual Arts in the fall. She recently spent two semesters at the Royal Drawing School in London, taking classes that met in a variety of public spaces. She sees drawing together as a way to give people an expanded perspective, and says that “we are in great need of these kinds of spaces that break down barriers preventing us from connecting and empathizing with each other.”

These residencies are made possible as a part of our new DRAW NYC program, supported in part by a grant from Burning Man, a partnership with Blick Art Materials, and growing roster of other supporters. Contact Leslie to learn how your donation or sponsorship can help us expand and strengthen this new program.