Dear Friends of the Uni,

We are thrilled and honored that you reached out, gave, and brought the Uni to life. As of early this morning, the project broke the $20K Kickstarter threshold, and we can now build. You did it.

Whether you gave for love of books, public space, or simply the great city of New York, we are floored by your support. The city has given so much to our family over the years, and we are creating the Uni as a way to give back.

It’s amazing to think about the forks in the road which brought us to this point. We want to put the Uni in the path of other New Yorkers, young and old, who are contemplating where to go with their own lives. We hope it will inspire them to pursue something in their dreams, exactly the way New York has inspired us.

See you on the street,

Sam and Leslie