I’m pleased to announce that we’ll have a Yoko Ono Wish Tree in the Uni when we open next weekend at the New Amsterdam Market. Thank you Jeremy Liu and Hiroko Kikuchi. And thank you Yoko Ono. This same tree stood in the Storefront Library, and I’m moved that it will keep on traveling and doing its work. Peace.

Wish tree

Yoko Ono’s WISH TREE project began in 1981. She was originally inspired by her childhood memory of going to a temple in Japan where all the trees were filled with people’s wishes written on pieces of white paper and knotted around the branches of trees. The specific tree that will appear in the Uni in 2011 was originally used for Ono’s retrospective exhibition at the MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge MA in 2001. It then appeared in the Storefront Library in 2009, as a gift from Hiroko Kikuchi and Jeremy Liu.  All visitors are invited to write their wishes and hang them on a branch.