So ends another busy week for the Uni.

First, thank you to Linda Johnson, Brooklyn Public Library President, Richard Reyes-Gavilan, Central Library Director, and all the BPL staff and Uni volunteers who pulled together last Sunday’s collaborative Uni/BPL reading room on Borough Hall Plaza. A terrific day. Well done. See photos here.

Thank you to Brian Lehrer for taking an interest in the Uni and inviting us to put a cube on to his TV interview table this week. Brian Lehrer TV on CUNY TV 75 is a great show, and Brian Lehrer, of course, a great voice for New York. It was a thrill to be there with cube in hand. Remaining show times in NYC: Saturday, 10am; Sunday, 11pm. Or online below.

There was a moment in the studio, when it hit me how quickly everything has moved since Kickstarter wrapped up just over a month ago. (Read more about the Uni on Kickstarter in a New York Times article this week.) We were sitting under the lights, and a production assistant carefully wiped lint from the top of the cube and turned it towards a camera, preparing the Uni for its close up.

These cubes are no longer just an idea about books, learning and public space. They are appearing in your neighborhood, and now, strangely, on your TV. I’m proud of and grateful to everyone who built, supported, and launched the Uni. We’re working right now on new places to meet you on the streets of New York.