The Uni does not hibernate, but it does go offline during winter—we don’t want to clutter your inbox with talk.

However, spring is coming, and so we’re coming back online. We’re excited about what we’ve been working on this winter, and we can’t wait to be with you in public space in 2012.

My usual role is to speak on behalf of the Uni Project, which includes an outstanding group of volunteers and supporters. I need to break role for a minute to tell you a couple things about me and the months ahead, in hopes that we can connect in person.

To shake the rust off our channels (Blog), I’ll be sharing images of local libraries, large and small, and other public spaces that I’ll be visiting through May, 2012. I’m on the road because I’m a member of a band called The Magnetic Fields and we’re on tour (list of cities). I visit libraries by day, play the cello by night, and I hope to meet many of our Uni supporters in person while I’m on the road. Feel free to contact me via this web site if you happen to be coming to a performance, or you have a library visit to suggest.

During this time, Leslie and our volunteer librarians will be moving the Uni forward with several installations in New York City starting as soon as April. Details soon.

So let’s get reconnected online, and I’m excited to see you on the road and in public space soon.