[This is another post from Sam visiting libraries on tour—explanation of tour here.]

My schedule on the road is largely out of my control, and I barely have time to visit the library. My gig is music, but I think most of us would describe our days the same way: it’s hard to find time to get to the library. So, I’m not necessarily an outlier patron.

Libraries have begun to adapt by changing hours and locations to be more responsive. But asking the public library of Minehead, Somerset UK to be open on Saturday night is a bit much.

Yet, I also feel frustrated that it was closed while the laser tag arena, Burger King, and gambling arcade were open that night. Does there come a point when we feel that our culture and society have become “unreasonable” enough that it would be reasonable to fund libraries to stay open late into the night with lectures, readings, community meetings, and scrabble and chess matches?

I don’t know the answer. But, reasonable or not, it’s where I would choose to go.