[Another post from Sam visiting libraries and public spaces on tour—explanation here.]

I took a two mile walk in Vancouver, departing from my hotel in the city center. Looking at libraries and public space. Looking for ideas to improve the Uni. Here’s that I saw:

Center of town, public space, corporate pop tents for a festival. "Join the Conversation?"

The opposite of the Uni: watch TV in public space. What we put in the town square says everything about what we believe in. We can do better.

Nice trailer. The places we could go with books if the Uni had one.

History and culture exhibit on the street, holding its own with the passersby who largely ignored the advertising/marketing tents on the other side of the street.

Geological Survey of Canada Bookstore. Closed, but I like geology in a storefront.

Public library (closed) reflected in the window of liquor store (open).

Public Library, Main Branch

Retail embedded in library arcade. Placemaking effort.

Public Library, Main Branch

Library store.

Dramatic architecture but closed on Sunday mornings.

Waterfront development abounds: opportunities and challenges for public space

An exhibit about Occupy, under a bridge by the river.


Public Market

Thanks Vancouver.