Great day in East New York. A few weeks ago, we wrote about why we like East New York for the Uni: we want to go where people are actively trying to improve public space in their neighborhood. Here in East New York, people have been doing it for decades, often on their own. East New York was a place the Uni could learn a lot, And today, we did.

Thank you to Janelle Nicol of East NY Farms!/United Community Centers for inviting us. And thank you to everyone who came over to meet us today. We had lemonade together, and I said to a few of you: we’ll be back soon, count on it.

Knijena Dixon of East New York Farms! worked with us all day. Thanks!

Kelleen Maluski, chess master, Medievalist, and extraordinary Uni volunteer librarian. Thanks for being with us all day!

And like that, it was time to pack up. Thanks to today’s loaders Evan Bender
Nelson DeJesus. And to this gentleman, who lent a hand. See you soon, ENY.

About our “new” name… Street Lab.

Street Lab began in Boston in 2006. In 2011, we moved the organization to NYC and launched the Uni Project, which was a portable reading room that roamed the city. In 2020, we are re-introducing our original name Street Lab to tie all this work together going forward, with much more to come.