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(Better yet, see you in person. This Sunday, Aug 5, the Uni will be in Williamsburg at Cook Street and Graham Ave from 11AM – 3:30PM. Our host is the Graham Avenue Business Improvement District, which is also hosting a farmers’ market and “play street.”)

FROM: Leslie Davol
SUBJECT: Uni update: Corona and East New York. Williamsburg next.

“I don’t really like to read.”

That’s what a 9-year-old girl said to Uni volunteer Stephanie Yee this past Sunday, when Stephanie asked her to take a turn reading aloud. Undaunted, Stephanie kept on reading. Pretty soon, the girl did take a turn, and she and her brother ended up staying for more than two hours at the Uni, pulling book after book from the shelves, right in the middle of a busy plaza in Queens.

Something happens when we put books and learning on the street. It has to do with pride. Pride in ourselves as readers and also pride in the place where we live. One man called his wife and daughters on his cell phone and told them to come down to the plaza. He had been sitting in his moving truck, in his usual parking spot, waiting for a job. He told them, “Come meet me at work. There’s a library here today, and you can read books. Really!”

Thank you to all our supporters for being with us right from the start. We, too, are proud. Proud of our readers, proud of our volunteers, and proud of the Uni. We’re hooked on this.

Keep in touch,
The Uni Project

We’ll be in Brooklyn on August 5, Queens on August 26, and East NY on Sep. 1. Get the details. More dates coming soon.

See photos of the Uni last weekend in Corona and East New York.

See our new Louis Armstrong cube created in partnership with Louis Armstrong House Museum.

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