The Uni came out on Sunday, Aug 5 in Williamsburg on Cook Street at Graham Ave. Thanks to our host, the Graham Avenue Business Improvement District, which is working to foster a farmers’ market and play street here. We came to support their work to create a new, meaningful public space for residents.

Thank you Uni volunteers: Leigh Hurwitz, Kelleen Maluski, Meghan Dowell, Anna Robinson, Marilyn Kahn. Thank you installers: Evan Bender and Nelson DeJesus.

More locations coming soon!

Books don’t shelve themselves. Uni Volunteer Leigh and I are on it.

The Graham Ave Business Improvement District brought some street toys to add to the mix.

AJ (and friend) took several games from me on the checker board.

The Zoetrope (thanks Deb Putnoi’s Drawing Lab!) continues to be a hit.

Uni Volunteers take a break and check out a Dept. of Health effort to encourage healthy cooking at markets in NYC.

Uni Volunteer Meghan wins ink face-off with Dept. of Health volunteers. Librarians are the best, especially ours.

Kelleen, Uni Librarian and chess master, took on one of the neighborhood’s rising stars.

New Uni Volunteers Anna and Leigh left with sun tans and new tote bags. See you all soon!