This morning, I went behind the scenes at the Brooklyn Public Library to give their new Uni Tower an inspection and tune up. The tower looks great after serving the public all summer on Governors Island in a collaboration between BPL, NYPL, and Queens Library. This tower belongs to BPL, and now they’re ready to use it across Brooklyn, starting on Sunday, Sep 15 at the Contact us—we’re fabricating now.)

bpl (2)

The Uni Project and BPL share history. In 2011, we teamed up to create a reading room at Brooklyn Book Festival. We continued to partner, including a reading room deployment to storm-hit Red Hook. In 2012, we made a Uni kit for the BPL which includes benches in BPL blue. Thanks to Linda Johnson, Richard Reyes-Gavilan, Linda Portera, and all the BPL staff who have made this partnership such a success.

Join BPL at the Festival on Sunday. I’ll be off-duty, visiting as a patron of their installation! See you there, read on.