MAS book loan to UniOn May 4, the Uni reading room will deploy at Jane Jacobs’ Birthday Party, the culminating celebration of Jane’s Walk weekend organized by the Municipal Art Society (MAS). Celebrated in over 100 cities around the world, Jane’s Walk pays tribute to the legacy of urban activist Jane Jacobs through a weekend of free, volunteer led neighborhood walks that promote urban literacy and walkable cities. At the event, we’ll carry our usual reading room collection, which includes children’s picture books, art and photography books, and more. But we’ll also offer a special collection curated by MAS librarian Erin Butler and Michael Ryan, who selected 40 books from MAS’s fabulous Greenacre Reference Library to be added temporarily to the Uni collection for the day. The collection will also be supplemented by literature from the Jane’s Walk global headquarters in Toronto.

MASThe MAS collection will include books by and about Jane Jacobs, as well as books about public space and public use, such as the classic Social Life of Small Urban Spaces by William H. Whyte. There will also be MAS-published reports, such as the recent Ideas for New York’s New Leadership. Thanks MAS for working with us on this collaboration. Join us on the street May 4!

Erin Butler MAS librarian

MAS books in Uni

MAS staff

MAS books in Uni

About our “new” name… Street Lab.

Street Lab began in Boston in 2006. In 2011, we moved the organization to NYC and launched the Uni Project, which was a portable reading room that roamed the city. In 2020, we are re-introducing our original name Street Lab to tie all this work together going forward, with much more to come.