postcardsAt the end of each year, we send postcards from the Uni to a select list of folks. Originally conceived as a reward for our Kickstarter donors, postcards have become our tradition. The cards let us share moments from the street. And they let us reflect on the contributions of so many people who make it possible.

We’re deeply grateful to our supporters, partners, staff and volunteers, for helping us create remarkable places to read and learn in the city. Watch your mailboxes—and thank you! To get involved with the Uni or make a year-end donation, learn more here. This year’s cards are shown below.

Uni Boston

Uni FDR Four Freedoms Park

Uni Sunnyside Queens

Uni Brooklyn Play Street

Uni East Village 2014

Uni Nostrand Playground

Uni Bronx

Uni Forest Play Street Bronx

Uni Morissania Play Street

Uni Pitkin Ave Brooklyn

Uni Brooklyn 2014

(Want more photos? Visit Find the Uni, where we’ve got photo galleries from nearly every deployment since 2011.)