Location Profile: Evelyn Place

Fordham Heights, Bronx

Evelyn Place joined the Open Streets program for the first time this summer and has quickly become a neighborhood destination for community connection and play. Street Lab supported this location five times during the fall of 2023 with our BUILD program, One Big Table, and other programs for all ages. We look forward to supporting the Open Street when it returns in 2024!

A black and white map of NYC zoomed in to only see some parts of the "Bronx," "Manhattan," and "Queens" with a green dot on a street in the Bronx.

Evelyn Place between Aqueduct Ave E and Grand Ave

Our Community Partner

Led by Darney “K-Born” Rivers, I am My Community is a nonprofit that serves the greater Bronx by providing community aide and assistance, including resources for mental health, teen programming, juvenile delinquency prevention, and more. 

Logo that reads "I AM MY COMMUNITY" with an image of pyramid and icons of people inside.
A view of a smiling girl holding up a tall lego tower with one hand on a street of NYC.
People drawing on an One Big Table by an organization Street Lab at an open street in NYC.
“I initiated the Open Streets initiative on Evelyn Place due to the high levels of violence within the community… I firmly believe that every individual in New York deserves an opportunity for a better life. Through collaboration with various organizations, we have been able to make a significant impact. The outcomes have been truly remarkable, as people who were once at odds with each other have come together as a united team to improve the community.”

Darney “K-Born” Rivers
I Am My Community
A photo of children playing on a long wooden table on a street in NYC.
People drawing on an One Big Table by an organization Street Lab at an open street in NYC.
A view of children and an ice cream vendor on the street of NYC.
A view of two children smiling with plastic straw toys in their hands on a street in NYC.
A smiling boy holding colorful magnatiles.
A group of Black men and a young boy posing in front of an apartment in New York City.