One Big Table

Communal table for NYC streets

One Big Table brings New Yorkers together around a table on streets, plazas, parks, and public spaces across the city. The design is modular, scalable, and transforms any space into a place for outdoor dining, art workshops, and much more. To keep the party rolling into the evening, we’ve designed custom lighting elements to illuminate the street and draw people over. Check our calendar to see One Big Table in action, or contact us to learn more.

An elementary school students assembling a table on the street of NYC.
People sitting around one big table on the street of Chinatown in Manhattan.
People drawing on an One Big Table by an organization Street Lab at an open street in NYC.
A man holding a mic to the woman across the table from him.
A group of people learning how to embroider on one big table on the street of NYC.
Mom with a child and another older child writing things on the paper on a wooden table on the street.
One big table on the street, with children playing with magnetiles and blocks.
People sitting on one big table & bench on the street of NYC. The sign on the table reads "Tea+Talk."
Two boys writing something on notecards clipped on the wooden frame.