Location Profile: Beaumont Ave

Belmont, Bronx

Street Lab first started working with PS 32 in the fall of 2022, when we learned from collaborators Equity Design and Bronx Health REACH that the school wanted to explore Open Streets as a way to create more space for fitness. We held our first two pilots of an Open Street in October 2022. Following that, Columbia University graduate student Jim Lammers—who is now leading Street Lab’s work on New Public Spaces—worked together with students to build on those initial pilots and plan more Open Streets, developing a curriculum that Street Lab is now sharing with  other schools. On three dates in spring 2023, we then brought the students’ ideas to life, with Open Street events focused on art, soccer, and water play. We also brought our collaboration with WNYC to Beaumont Ave, to capture voices of teachers, residents, and students that were later played on the radio. Now in the second school year of this partnership, the students themselves are leading the effort to continue the Open Street and make other improvements in the neighborhood.

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Community Feedback Summary
Co-designing Public Spaces with Kids by Jim Lammers

A black and white map of NYC zoomed in to only see some parts of the "Bronx," "Manhattan," and "Queens" with a green dot on a street in the Bronx.

Beaumont Ave between Grote St and E 183rd St

Our Community Partner

PS 32 The Belmont School is a public elementary school in the Belmont neighborhood of the Bronx. After it was identified as a high-need candidate through New York State’s Creating Healthy Schools and Communities (CHSC) initiative in 2021, the school has been working with Street Lab and other local community organizations to increase health and wellness within their school community.

logo of the NYC public school PS 32
A teacher explaining how to assemble a table to elementary school students on a street in NYC.

“The open streets have created a space for us to thrive as a community here at PS 32, while we celebrate health, wellness, and one another! ….You can see, hear and feel the joy that has been created! And the best part is—we created it and can keep on creating it!”


Anna Goldman
Movement and Mindfulness Teacher, PS 32 
Elementary school students talking to a radio host on the street in NYC.
A photo of children in a straight line facing the camera, with colorful play obstacles in front and school building in the back.
An elementary school students assembling a table on the street of NYC.
A group of teen performers dancing on the street of NYC.
A little girl standing on an Open Street in NYC.

Look back at our work at Beaumont Ave

A view of an Open Street with elementary school students and teachers chalking on the ground.