September 11

Sep 10, 2023

For many who have been a part of Street Lab over the years—staff, board, partners, friends—September 11 brings difficult memories and emotions to the surface that we now understand will be with us forever.

For the two of us (co-founders Leslie and Sam), the events of that day laid bare the fragility of a new life we were building in Lower Manhattan, with a toddler and another on the way. In an instant, the way we lived and felt on September 10 was gone.

But something important took its place—an urgency and deepening of our commitment to New York City and to all who live here with us. September 11 explains why we started Street Lab, why we keep at it, and why we keep looking for new ways to make this city a place to believe in.

See you on the street.

—Leslie and Sam Davol