Location Profile: Jennings St

Morrisania, Bronx

For more than a decade, Street Lab has partnered with the residents of Jennings Street in the Bronx. Soon after we created our first pop-up reading room in NYC, we brought it to Jennings St to support a community-run play street and provide a place to gather around reading. And we kept coming over the years, bringing different programs and supporting the play street as it became an official NYC Open Street in 2021. Last year, we arranged a surprise visit from players from the New York Yankees who came over from the stadium to play with the kids—a day that we’ll never forget! Street Lab is already planning our visits to Jennings St for 2024.

A black and white map of NYC zoomed in to only see some parts of the "Bronx," "Manhattan," and "Queens" with a green dot on a street in the Bronx.

Jennings St between Prospect Ave and Chisholm St

Our Community Partner

Yolanda “Lonnie” Hardy has single-handedly organized and maintained a play street on Jennings St with a mission to create a safe and creative environment for children. She established Caldwell Enrichment Programs, an organization that offers educational and recreational programs to reduce high school dropout rates, gang membership, and bullying, while encouraging healthy eating habits, and more.

A view of the street with children and adults reading. There is a navy bar that reads "Police Line - Don Not Cross NYPD" in white text.
A group of children playing and chalking on the street of NYC.

 “[Street Lab] came here back when nobody cared…giving the children in the community a safe place not only to play but to learn and experience other positive activities.”


Y. Lonnie Hardy
Caldwell Enrichment Programs, Inc.

Adults and children smiling and posing at the camera on the street of NYC.
Children and adults drawing on the street.
A view of children reading on the street of NYC.
An adult and a child reading on the street of NYC, on a plastic bench. A view of half of a wooden cart with books also visible.
Children playing with magnatiles on the street of NYC, on a triangular wooden table and plastic benches.
Teenagers and children looking (reading) a picture book together on the street of NYC.

Look back at our work at Jennings St…

New York Yankees honor Street Lab

New York Yankees honor Street Lab

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How the Uni works at play streets in the Bronx

How the Uni works at play streets in the Bronx

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Uni READ, DRAW, SOLVE at Jennings Play Street in Bronx

Uni READ, DRAW, SOLVE at Jennings Play Street in Bronx

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A child chalking on the street.