Location Profile: Beverley Road

Kensington, Brooklyn

In 2022, Street Lab piloted an Open Street at Beverley Road, which ran every Sunday for 11 weeks. During the pilot, Street Lab’s collaboration with local community groups showed the potential of this Open Street as a permanent community space: one Sunday it was a bike repair station led by the Mechanical Gardens Bike Coop, and another Sunday it was an outdoor sewing classroom with the Bangladeshi Ladies Club. In fall 2023, the Open Street became a permanent plaza and Street Lab returned with programming on five days to keep up the momentum.

More from our work at Beverley Road:
Pilot Overview
Community Feedback Summary

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Beverley Rd between Church Ave and E 2nd St

Our Community Partner

Council Member Hanif (Brooklyn District 39) is a strong advocate for more public spaces in the Kensington neighborhood and has been Street Lab’s partner for the Beverley Road Open Street. In addition to the Council Member’s office, the Horticultural Society of New York, local Kensington community groups, and small businesses are active collaborators at Beverly Road.

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A woman speaking at a podium for a celebration of opening of a new plaza in NYC.
A group of teen performers dancing on the street of NYC.
A car-free street with chalk murals and play obstacles on the ground.
A little girl standing on an Open Street in NYC.
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pop-up community engagement
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Look back at our work at Beverley Road…

Pop-up helps make a new public space in Brooklyn

Pop-up helps make a new public space in Brooklyn

Since 2022, Street Lab has been activating the Beverley Road Open Street in Kensington, Brooklyn, to help the community explore the potential of pedestrian public space in a traffic-congested commercial area. Today, the road became a permanent pedestrian plaza, with a...

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Street Lab Teens taking the lead on the street

Street Lab Teens taking the lead on the street

Sixteen talented public high school students just wrapped up their work with us, closing a remarkable season of Street Lab Teens where they helped lead Street Lab activations across the city. They collaborated beautifully with each other and our community partners,...

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A view of an Open Street with elementary school students and teachers chalking on the ground.